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Gedian Humanwell founded in 2000, with 900 employees, is located in the Thousand Lakes Province - Hubei. The company has two APIs manufacturing sites, one formulation factory and one excipients factory. Gedian Humanwell integrates the reproductive health industry chain from raw materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to finished dosage form(FDF). Our diverse portfolio of products includes Steroidal, Central Nervous System (CNS) and antiviral drugs, etc. Gedian Humanwell is the leading manufacturer and supplier of progesterone, finasteride, oxcarbazepine worldwide, and we are determined to become the market leader in fertility regulation drugs in China, the top supplier of steroidal and CNS APIs in the world.

Gedian Humanwell has a professional, high-level, international R&D and quality management team. For multiple competitive APIs, the company has compiled DMFs and registered in different markets. All our facilities have been inspected and approved cGMP by regulatory authorities including NMPA, USFDA, EDQM, TGA and PMDA etc. Gedian Humanwell provides customers with a high standard of quality management guarantee system. 

The domestic sales team of Gedian Humanwell covers 30 provinces in China, while the export business has covered many countries and regions in Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa as well as Australia etc. 

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Progestogen and Estrogen
Product Name Specification Approved CAS No.
Progesterone CP/EP/USP CEP/EU-GMP/FDA 57-83-0
Pregnenolone In-house
Kosher 145-13-1
Medroxyprogesterone Acetate CP/EP/USP DMF/GMP 71-58-9
Megestrol Acetate CP/EP/USP DMF in process 595-33-5
Mifepristone CP/IP DMF/GMP 84371-65-3
Cyproterone Acetate CP/EP CEP/TGA/GMP 427-51-0
Levonorgestrel CP/EP/USP DMF/GMP/CEP 797-63-7
Drospirenone EP/USP DMF 67392-87-4
Gestodene CP/EP DMF/GMP 60282-87-3
Estradiol CP/EP/USP DMF 50-28-2
Estriol CP/EP/USP Under R&D 50-27- 1
Ethinyl Estradiol CP/EP/USP DMF/GMP 57-63-6
Estradiol Valerate CP DMF in process 979-32-8
Tibolone CP/EP DMF 5630-53-5
Dienogest EP DMF 65928-58-7
Fulvestrant In-house Under R&D 129453-61-8
Exemestane EP/USP Under R&D 107868-30-4

Product Name Specification Approved CAS No.
Finasteride CP/EP/USP CEP/FDA/PMDA/GMP 98319-26-7
Dutasteride EP/USP CEP/DMF 164656-23-9
Abiraterone Acetate CP/USP DMF/WC 154229-18-2
Testosterone CP/EP/USP CEP/DMF/WC 58-22-0
Testosterone Undecanoate CP Under R&D 5949-44-0
Testosterone Cypionate USP Under R&D 58-20-8
DHEA(Prasterone) FP/In-house DMF/WC/Kosher 53-43-0
Clascoterone In-house Under R&D 19608-29-8

Cortical Hormone
Product Name Specification Approved CAS No.
Budesonide CP/EP/USP CEP/FDA/GMP 51333-22-3
Desonide USP DMF 638-94-8
Eplerenone EP CEP/FDA 107724-20-9
Methylprednisolone CP/EP/USP DMF/WC 83-43-2
Methylprednisolone Hemisuccinate CP/EP/USP DMF/WC 2921-57-5
Fluticasone Propionate CP/EP/USP DMF 80474- 14-2
Fluticasone Furoate In-house Under R&D 397864-44-7

Product Name Specification Approved CAS No.
Oxcarbazepine CP/EP/USP CEP/USDMF 28721-07-5
Eslicarbazepine Acetate In-house DMF in process 236395- 14-5
Ganciclovir CP/EP/USP DMF/GMP 82410-32-0
Valganciclovir Hydrochloride USP DMF in process 175865-59-5
Oseltamivir Phosphate CP/EP/USP DMF 204255- 11-8
Baloxavir Marboxil In-house Under R&D 1985606-14-1
Nintedanib Esylate In-house DMF 656247-18-6
Revefenacin In-house DMF in process 864750-70-9
Mirabegron In-house DMF 223673-61-8
Escitalopram Oxalate EP/USP/CP DMF in process 219861-08-2
Cariprazine Hydrochloride In-house DMF in process 1083076-69-0
Lasmiditan Succinate In-house DMF in process 439239-92-6
Luliconazole In-house DMF 187164-19-8
Apalutamide In-house Under R&D 956104-40-8
Tadalafil EP/USP/CP Under R&D 171596-29-5
Relugolix In-house Under R&D 737789-87-6
Phloroglucinol CP DMF 108-73-6
Ursodeoxycholic Acid EP/USP/JP Under R&D 128-13-2
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Progesterone has EP, USP, CP, JP, IP and KP specifications. CEP available, EU-GMP,FDA approved.


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Finasteride has EP, USP, CP, IP, JP specifications. CEP available, FDA, PMDA and GMP approved.


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Budesonide has USP, EP specifications. CEP and FDA approved.


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Dutasteride has EP, USP, CP, IP, JP specification. CEP and DMF available.


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Desonide has USP and EP specifications. DMF under filling.


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Methylprednisolone has USP, EP, IP, JP and KP specifications. DMF and WC available.


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Humanwell Pharmaceutical is one of the largest API manufacture in China. With more than 20 years of experience, we develop, manufacture and trade steroid APIs, intermediates and formulations. Our market covers all over the world, we have strong presences in North America, Europe, South America and Africa, with products sold to more than 150 countries.
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