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EHS system

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  • EHS Operations and Controls
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    People-oriented, safety first.
    Energy saving, emission reduction, and meet the standard emission.

    Set up objectives, organization and plans according to relevant EHS policy to achieve expected results.

    Implement the plan.

    Monitor the implementation process, and report the results.

    Review the results, and continuously improve the EHS management system.

    · Strictly implement the "three simultaneous" system.
    · Sign the "three-level production safety responsibility certificate" to clarify the scope of responsibility.
    · Carry out risk identification and control, and do a good job of risk notification and warning.
    · Standardize the approval of special operations and site management.
    · Ensure the amount of labor protection.
    · Detection of work site concentration, annual physical examination, implement the "pre-job, job, off-duty" medical examination for toxic and hazardous positions.
    · Systematic and standardized treatment of water, gas and solid wastes.
    · Conduct daily EHS inspection.

    · Carry out emergency drills to improve employees' ability to avoid, prevent accidents and how to react when it happened, also to improve their awareness to accidents.