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Research and Development

The remarkable R&D team is the driving force behind Gedian Huamnwell, there are more than 100 outstanding chemists and pharmacists, including 15 PhD holders and majority of them are master degree holders. The R&D team focuses on the development and registration of APIs and formulations for reproductive health, central nervous system, antiviral and antitumor drugs, etc. We have established R&D platforms focuses on Synthesis, Microbial fermentation and Enzyme engineering, and formulations dosage forms like oral solids (tablets, softgels, etc.), topical (gels, ointments, etc.) and injections. The R&D platform is closely tied to manufacturing. It has equipped with research labs and small or pilot scale facilities for production runs, allowing new products to seamlessly transition from the lab to industrial scale manufacturing.

Humanwell Group has 1,682 R&D and technical personnel, including 191 doctors and 36 external experts, equipped with extensive R&D instruments like HPLC-MS、GC-MS、ICP-MS、ICP-OES、NMR、XRD、DSC,etc. There are five research centers located in China and United States. As a core member of Humanwell Group, Gedian Humanwell is backed by strong R&D platform from Humanwell Group, especially in the development of high-end formulations, including research support in sustained and controlled-release technology, solubilization technology of poorly soluble drugs, targeted drug delivery systems and many other advanced technologies.

Humanwell collaborates extensively with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and world-leading pharmaceutical partners in the drug discovery, manufacturing development, clinical research, and other areas in order to actively respond to emerging opportunities and challenges arising from widespread change in the global pharmaceutical industry market.

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