API workshop

Three steroid API workshops(5 lines)

One general API workshop

Reactions available

Acid Chlorides Addition Reactions Alkylation
Amidation Birch Reduction Dehydrogenation
Etherification Eliminations Grignard Reactions
Halidation Hydrogenation Hydrolysis
Hydroxylation (fermentation) Ketal Epoxidation
Oppenauer Oxidation

Main Equipments for API Production

HVAC system Purified water system Compressed air system
Frozen brine circulating system Vacuum system Cooling water system
Nitrogen equipment Reaction tank Synthesis autoclaves
Refining tank Stainless steel centrifuges Condenser
Double tapered Vacuum drier Micronizer Circulating hot air oven
Column chromatography separation up to kilogram-sale Stainless steel filter

Formulation workshops

Solid formulation (capsules and tablets) workshops for reproductive drugs.

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