Gedian Humanwell has established long-term cooperative partnership with many famous colleges and universities in China. Outstanding experts are serving as consultants for our company. 

China Pharmacology College,

Tongji Medical Institute,

Shanghai Academy of Family Planning,

Shanghai Academy of Medical Research, 

Hubei Academy of Medical Research



   Reproduction and Contraception                       National Key-point New Product

National Patents:


1995.03.11   Anti-pregnancy drugs pack  95100669.X

2004.05.12   The fabrication of Amifostine lyophilized drug 200410037763.X

2004.11.11  Mifepristone and anorethindrane dipropionate compound tablets ZL-2004 10068067.5

2008.06.26   A promoted synthesis method of Cyproterone acetate   200810048195.1

2009.01.08  Mifepristone formulation and the fabrication of mifepristone  200910060456

2010.07.23   The fabrication of Budesonide  201010167022.9



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